Since January, 2014, fifteen partners from our network are coming together to lead the co-design of a shared learning process.


A subset of our community came together because of a shared inquiry that at the centre of our individual and collective work: How can we best support youth organizers in Ontario to make the changes they want to see in their communities?

Through regular training studios and ongoing group work, we are using an innovative approach to shared learning called Developmental Evaluation (DE). This is a form of question- and evidence-driven learning that is designed to inform the ongoing development of innovative, transformative initiatives.

Beginning in January, 2014, we assembled a small cohort of 15 learning partners from our network to lead the co-design of our shared learning process. Our DE Design Team represents a cross-section of our network, from youth organizers to funders, program coordinators to frontline youth workers:

We are currently in the process of being trained in evaluation principles and coached through the design and practice of this data-driven learning process by evaluator and social entrepreneur Marc Langois of Academy12

For more updates, please see the developmental evaluation category on our blog.