As part of our Art of Hosting practice, our core team seeks to "harvest" the meaning from our meetings, instead of just taking minutes. Here you'll find some of the stories, pictures and reflections that capture some of our most recent work. 

Meeting Harvest (May 2014): What kind of learning needs to happen?

Continuing the discussion from last month, on May 13th we explored the question What kind of learning needs to happen in order to make collaboration possible? Through discussion, we establish a shared sense of the need and purpose for a stakeholder gathering: to work collaboratively to address real time challenges and create change in youth organizing on individual, community and systems levels.

Meeting Harvest (April 2014): What type of fall gathering is needed?

On April 11th, the YSI Core Team convened at the 519 Community Centre in Toronto for a 
series of conversations exploring themes for the YSI Stakeholder Gathering that will be taking 
place in Fall 2014.

Meeting Harvest (January 2014): Exploring the dawn beyond the darkness

On January 27th, we came together for our retreat to pick up on loose themes and welcome new members into our team. We clarified some important questions we have been working with around building our nest, creating safe spaces for youth to step forward, and transitioning into an action phase.

Retreat Harvest (December 2013): Gathering history, planning for wise action

In December 2013, twenty members of the YSI Collaborative Core Team came together to begin planning for the Collaborative’s strategic direction for the next two years and continue our practice of being in community. This came at an important moment in our history, when an influx of funding -- a 2-year grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, along with 1 year funding from the Laidlaw Foundation -- provided more capacity to pursue our initiatives.

Meeting Harvest (October 2013): Framing for YSI regional hub

The core team met at Evergreen Brickworks on October 17, 2013 for an open space session to animate ongoing priorities. Here the new YSI Northern Coordinator Robin Sutherland has harvested her conversation on the framing of our emerging hub in Sault Ste Marie. For more recent updates on these efforts, see current initiatives.

Meeting Minutes (February 2013): Checking in

On Feb. 12, 2013, core team members came together to maintain momentum on the themes from the Autumn retreat, including a Developmental Evaluation workshop with innoweave, our emerging Information and Communications Technology strategy, and updates on the upcoming May, 2014 gathering.

Retreat Harvest (Autumn 2012): Transform our connected impact into collective impact

On October 23-24, 2012, members of the core team came together in Bancroft to build momentum, share stories and skills, and connect back to the land and spirit. The question we explored was How can we strengthen our Core to build our community? Kathy Hare from Motivate Canada also began our exploration of Developmental Evaluation, including the principles, assumptions and theory of change that underlies our work. 

YSI | Evolution Provincial Gathering Harvest (November 2011) 

30 YSI members gathered November 24-25, 2011 to explore such questions as: What would it take to create a rhythm for our work? How does the admin piece work? How do we set up constellations? How do we create real experiences for people in urban centres to connect to rural folks and access resources? This harvest was compiled by Ana Skinner and Jenn Chan.

YSI | Evolution Evaluation Results (November 2011)

Prior to the November Provincial gathering, a survey conducted with 39 YSI members at the gathering revealed the following achievements:

  • YSI increased respondents’ awareness of what Youth Social Infrastructure is
  • As a result, people now have access to new information, knowledge, resources, skills, and relationships
  • The YSI connected people to other individuals and organizations across the province

YSI | Evolution Concept Paper (September 2011)

After a quiet period of 8 months, the core team reconvened to organize a provincial stakeholder gathering for November 2011 and produce a document outlines the context for the gathering.