As part of our ongoing practice in facilitation, we rely on a number of helpful resources. If you are looking to geek out on the theoretical basis behind this practice, you can read more here.

The Art of Hosting in a Hurry

A quick reference for convening conversations that matter and putting the Art of Hosting into practice -- an approach central to how we come together at YSI. This guide was written by Chris Corrigan for the Vancouver Island Aboriginal Transition Team, based on material developed by the Art of Hosting practitioner's community. (Drawn from the Art of Hosting online community.)

For deeper practical tips on some of our favourite resources, you can learn more here about the Four-Fold Practice, World Cafe, Open Space, Core Team practices and other theories, methods and tools

The Art of Harvesting

Another reference collaboratively developed by the Art of Hosting community describes a set of companion practices called the Art of Harvesting. "The purpose of harvesting is to support the individual and collective meaning making process." It is a way of "capturing the wisdom, remembering, seeing patterns and making meaning – and then making this meaning ‘visible’ and available to the group." (Drawn from the Art of Hosting online community.)

Liberating Structures

This is a wonderful (and free!) online compendium of helpful group processes for tapping into collective wisdom and action. 

Workbook: The Art of Taking Participatory Leadership to Scale

In the Fall of 2010, the Laidlaw Foundation organized a YSI workshop on the Art of Taking Participatory Leadership to Scale. The insights and models presented in this workbook build on the experiences of an international network of practitioners that share a common practice based onthe Art of Hosting (AoH). The gathering focused on the question, How do we use collaborative leadership to grow resilience in a movement towards a sustainable world?

Pro-Action Cafe

Here's a great little tool to help you use the "Pro Action Café" method.  The Pro Action Café is a process for engaging participants in creative and action-oriented conversations where participants are invited to bring forward their own ideas, projects, questions or needs to the group to help drive change together.

The Art of Social Innovation

This is a practical field guide for systems change from a three-day training held in Nova Scotia in 2010. It presents a set of practices that create the conditions for new possibilities to emerge. These new practices, which our dominant systems seem unable to bring forward, include participatory leadership, relationships as the basis for results, and reflection as essential to wise action.