Our story will give you a brief orientation to what we've accomplished together. If you're interested to dig deeper, this is your place.

Keeping the Pulse, Holding the Tension (March 2019)

This YSI Collaborative Learning Document outlines our learning from 2016-2018 as we grew connections with young leaders from Tkaronto, Dish With One Spoon territory and Algoma, Robinson-Huron Treaty territory to Thunder Bay, Robinson-Superior Treaty territory. It contains questions, reflections, and celebrations; highlights the impact we’ve had; and digs deep into the tensions and experiences of ‘failing forward’ in this work.

Adventures in Nest-Building (Or, How to Support Place-Based Youth Organizing) (December 2015)

This YSI Collaborative Learning Document outlines our first two years (2013-2015) building a 'Nest' of youth organizers in Ontario's Algoma region. It contains stories about people and organizations, highlights the impact we have, and digs deep into the principles and processes of the 'YSI Approach'.

YSI Timeline, 2009-2013 (April 2013)

Approaching the five year mark since the YSI Collaborative first began crafting a space to support youth organizing activities, steward Cathy Dyer drafted this short overview of the YSI Collaborative, how it was formed, and our work from 2009 to April, 2013.

OTF and the YSI evaluation: An experiment in supporting emergence in communities beyond grant-making (Fall 2012)

A brief evaluation by the Ontario Trillium Foundation found that Core Team members were transforming the programming, organizational structures, governance and engagement practices of their home organizations to mirror the work of the YSI Collaborative. The report uncovers some of the key lessons learned and documents our impact over our first four year years.

Core team retreat harvest: Gathering history, planning for wise action (December 2013)

Twenty members of the YSI Collaborative Core Team came together at our retreat to begin planning for the Collaborative’s strategic direction for the following two years. This came at an important moment in our history, when an influx of funding provided more capacity to pursue our initiatives. This harvest document provides an overview of our process, a window into our community practice, and some key strategies going forward.

Emergence of the Youth-led Sector (2010)

Our founding steward Violetta Ilkiw put ink to paper in The Philanthropist on her observations and conversations around the emerging youth-led sector in Ontario and across Canada. Her call for a new way of working together continues to guide our work. Her clear language and insightful commentary make it an essential reference for all who promote well-being across the life course.

Foundations & Pipelines: Building Social Infrastructure to Foster Youth Organizing (2009)

The Laidlaw Foundation coordinated this report, which outlines key supports needed in
community for youth organizing activities to be effective. It provided a call to action that became the spark for the formation of the YSI collaborative. 

Ground Floors Report: Building Youth Organizing Platforms

This report provides a clear picture of what organizations, groups and young leaders have identified as key learning needed to support Youth Organizing. It lays out an image for "platforms" that enable young people to amplify their contributions to society by helping them work smarter not harder.