When we bring our "whole selves" into our work, we deepen our collaboration and increase our potential for impact. This takes practice.


One of the key things that we offer our members is training, coaching and practice opportunities in youth-friendly practices for how we come together and collaborate. We also believe, of course, that these practices are people-friendly -- suitable for improving the collective impact of groups coming together across all ages and identity backgrounds. 

We are fortunate to have a community of experienced practitioners and rich cultural backgrounds that help our new members to learn and practice different ways of working together. We also offer more formal learning opportunities as part of our gatherings. 

You can learn more about these facilitation and gathering practices here, or see it in action on our youtube page. Our member Jasmine Mwanaisha Ali has also written a blog post that touches on her growth experience through the collaborative. 

If you're ready to put them into practice, we have also compiled some hands-on resources!