We're better together.

We believe that deep, transformative change can only happen when people of all ages and backgrounds come together in human connection. We'd love to welcome you into our community, whatever your schedule.


Join our community

We value the input of new voices on our team, even if only for one meeting. Use the orange contact bar at the top to tell us a bit about yourself, suggest how you'd like to be involved or just to say hi.

To get you thinking, we've included below some of the ways we are looking for (and already receive) support from our community.


What we could use help with

  • Facilitating processes for member intake and engagement
  • Hosting our Facebook page (see below)
  • Holding logistics and administrative supports for our Core Team meetings and ongoing work
  • Graphic design and photo editing
  • Advice or capacity for firming up our long-term strategy (e.g. business model canvas, long-term strategy)
  • Editing and updating our web content
  • Bloggers, “roving reporters” and photographer to tell the story of our community members
  • Designing tools and supports for online collaboration, communications and decision-making
  • Advice on social labs and other collective change processes

What others are doing

  • Helping to host or co-facilitate our Core Team meetings (Thanks, Jasmine!)
  • Designing and facilitating Collaboration Camp (Thanks, Shannon and all!)
  • Taking photos at our events (Thanks, Fonna!)
  • Offering Anishnaabe clan teachings to support organizational development (Thanks, Jon!)
  • Writing blog posts for our website (Thanks, Tracey!)
  • Collaboratively developing grant proposals
  • Being great listeners for talking through project ideas (Thanks, everyone!)
  • Researching potential donors and private foundations (Thanks, everyone!)
  • Hosting our Facebook page to tell stories across the network (Thanks, Rihkee, Jess, and others!)

What we offer back to our community

  • Storytelling and communications support
  • Advice on qualitative evaluation and process design for networks
  • Connection to resources and contacts across the youth sector and beyond
  • Support with collaborative grant applications
  • Administrative and logistics support for collaborative initiatives that serve our core purpose

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