For those ready for a "deeper dive" into why we meet the way we do, these resources provide a heady dose of theory. Best consumed with hot tea on a Sunday morning!

Taking Social Innovation to Scale

A short and influential article by Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze that clearly outline the phases of taking social innovation to scale: (1) Networks to (2) Communities of Practice and (3) Systems of Influence.

The Art of Chaordic Leadership

Reflections on Leadership by Visa founder Dee Hock, with some handy tips and insights for any and all kinds of leaders facing tough questions and compelling opportunities. 

The U-Process

A enlightening article on the "U-Process" for Addressing Highly Complex Challenges. It describes three phases a group can progress through in order to find large-scale change: collectively uncovering current reality; allowing the group's inner knowing to emerge; and only then enacting a new reality together. 

Making a Difference: Strategies for Scaling Social Innovation for Greater Impact

This article by Frances Westley & Nino Antadze is a deeper (and heavier) exploration of the strategies and dynamics of scaling up social innovations. Social innovation refers to the complex change processes that profoundly alter the basic routines, resource and authority flows, or beliefs of a larger social system.