What do you mean by youth? Should I attend?

Youth organizing is less about age - which can include people from their teens to late 20s and up - than it is about people working outside of conventional channels for change. We have designed collaboration camp for those who have some sort of project or initiative underway that they are ready to take to the next level. If that sounds like you, we very much hope you will attend!



Our community includes folks of all ages working in many spheres of the youth sector, from funding and policy, to frontline work and programming. What brings them to YSI is a commitment to grounding their work in the diverse realities of grassroots youth in their communities and across Ontario. If that sounds like you, we very much hope you will attend!


What tangible things will I come away with?

  • A renewed connection to your partners and allies working "inside the system" and in communities across Ontario
  • New skills gained through hands-on workshops from experienced practitioners and young people
  • Actionable and co-created solutions to your most pressing challenges (as defined by you!)
  • Inspiration to keep making good things happen in your home community.


What is the agenda?

We are currently working with a diverse team of youth organizers and experienced facilitators to design a gathering that will enable our core purpose. Some of our guiding questions are:

  • What does collaboration truly mean, and how can it amplify creative solutions and new innovations?
  • How do we support young people carrying the spark of change towards steady-burning fires?
  • How do we deepen our relationships to increase our individual and collective impact?


Why this gathering? Why now?

We come together so that youth who are organizing locally can - with the support of adult partners - connect around common challenges, exchange resources that enrich their home initiatives, and take their work to the next level of sustainability and effectiveness. After over 5 years of important grant supports for youth-led change in Ontario, we believe that this type of support is needed to make sure that our early efforts to learn, sustain, and achieve impact across the province can continue through the long term. 


I can no longer attend Collaboration Camp. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. We just don't have the means to offer refunds, since we have already paid the venue based on current numbers.