Day One: Deepening Our Networks

Here you'll find some of the stories, pictures, notes and reflections that share the essence of how we deepened our relationship networks on Day 1.


What wisdom will we carry forward?

Day One was all about landing in the room together and building relationships of trust. As we often say at YSI -- and Cathy regularly reminds us -- our work moves at the speed of trust. We shared stories and talked about what it would take for us to "show up" fully. This led to the creation of a "right relations" document and a community poem to capture its essence.



It began with a rattle-shuffle dance,
this creation story,
our journey towards Right Relations.

As we set out together,
we remember that we all have struggles most never see,
so let us invite, accept, love the mystery
that is me
in my entirety.
We leave silence.
Let Silence be our motto until Duty bids us
To Speak.

As we set out together,
we see that we are many here,
though we remember who is missing.
We remember, too, some words--
each one a delicate bundle of stories
that vibrate from some hidden root:
Stories of Courage and Compassion,
of Patience and Unity.
Stories of Honesty and Gratitude,
Laughter and Medicine,
of Bumadzawin and Tapwei,
and all the Seven Teachings.
In these story-words, we find mystery,
the very same that lies with me
and you.


As we set out together,
we recall that wisdom is knowing
the knowledge that applies to ourselves,
and hearing the voice behind the words.
Wisdom like this takes time,
and the gift of stillness--
a gift that can be shared, yes,
but must too be claimed.
So let us give and receive,
always with consent.

As we set out together,
our drum beats on:
around bonfires
and through these veins
and in all Creation.
Let us listen for what pulses
in the spaces between,
in that near and distant knowing-place
of Right Relations.

Agreements for being in right relations


What stories will we remember?


Arrival & Opening Ceremony

By 4pm, folks began to arrive at the YMCA camp. We began with a heartful opening, with crafted nametags, a warm welcome from Gerard and the hosting team, and some paired conversations of our "arrival stories." 

We deeply appreciate Fonna Seidu and Shannon Moan for taking these beautiful photos.


Right Relations exercise

We held a "Right Relations" exercise to share what each of us needed to show up fully and work through conflict that arises. These would become our agreements or norms for being together.

We closed for the day by weaving a massive dreamcatcher to represent our complex and strengthening relationships in the circle, while Chris C. stitched a community poem from what he heard and saw.

We deeply appreciate Fonna Seidu and Shannon Moan for taking these beautiful photos.