Young people can light the fire for change.
How do we keep it burning?


YSI Collaboration Camp 2014: 
Stoking the Fire of Social Change  
November 28-30, 2014



Social change starts with a spark: a great idea or a sense of purpose that we gather around. CollabCamp was an opportunity to refuel the fire.

For three days in late November, we gathered together as young organizers and adult allies who are making Ontario's communities better places to live, work, create and play. 

We came together on the land with a purpose to deepen our relationshipsshare learning, and build capacity around our most pressing challenges, so that we can take our work to the next level of sustainability and effectiveness. 


A gathering made possible by community

We would like to acknowledge that, prior to Jan. 30th, we failed to provide proper acknowledgement for Fonna Seidu and Shannon Moan, members of our community who captured the story of CollabCamp in photos with so much heart and skill. Their contributions have been so very important to us, and we celebrate their generosity even as we re-commit to honouring everyone who stepped in to make CollabCamp possible.

In that spirit, we would like to express just how privileged we feel to work with this passionate and generous community. We thank our hosting team and mentors for making this possible, as well as everyone who stepped in as participants and left as co-hosts. 


A moving collective performance representing our shared challenges, from Day 2 of the gathering. Use the menu on the left for more!

What happened?

Check out our report-back from each day using the menu on the left! 

Here you'll find some of the stories, pictures, notes and reflections that share the essence of how we deepened our relationship networks, shared our experiences about the youth sector and built our capacity to respond to real-time challenges. This is part of our practice of "harvesting" the meaning from our gatherings so that we can integrate what we learn into our daily work. 

Browse these pages to learn more about our shared challenges and the opportunities ahead.


Next steps

We gathered together in order to integrate concrete learnings back into our work. We are committed as a network to building off of what we heard, saw and felt together.

What happens now? Our aim is to grow our diverse solutions-focused network that nourishes our collective capacity to respond, and supports practices for "scaling deep" through youth-led and placed-based communities of support. 

In the immediate term, we will be carrying this work forward through the Young Spirit Circles project (hiring now!), and also integrating our collective strategy through the Core Team. Please get in touch or apply to be a facilitator if you would like to play a part!



We hosted three days of co-created sessions and workshops that allowed participants to...

  • Deepen our individual and collective capacity to work across difference & diversity on the challenges we are facing.
  • Learn about collaborative and creative approaches and skillsets for building and strengthening networks.
  • Increase our awareness of the systems for supporting youth organizing and engagement.
  • Take part in fun outdoor activities in a beautiful setting.