Art of Hosting - Krista's Reflection

A word that I would use to describe our weekend together is ‘magical’. Another word I would use to describe this weekend would be ‘scary’.

To begin, let me reflect on the purpose of this past weekend:


 To equip ourselves and others to facilitate meaningful cross cultural dialogue - making connections between theory and practice.

- To bring folks together to connect and deepen relationships and see ourselves as a larger whole that can plan forward.

The magic came from the people who were in the space. While our invitations were careful and with a degree of consideration, I do believe that there was something more cosmic at play keeping us together. The people who came were woven together by something that can’t easily be defined (and I don’t think that any of us who attended would begin to try to define that ‘thing’... not yet, anyhow). 

However, I can say with confidence was that there was a central spirit holding us together, caring for our hearts and souls in a way that transcended cultural beliefs and boundaries. There was an outspoken promise to one another; we would respect each other, we would listen deeply. A lot of what was shared by folks still sticks with me. I think of the bravery and comfort that fueled a lot of what was said in those sacred circles of conversation. 

In terms of Purpose, meaningful dialogue, connecting and deepening relationships and seeing ourselves as a larger whole - in my view - was the easy part. For me, the scary part is jumping into the unknown with these new teachings that I have received from the grandmothers, elders, from my peers, and from Tim and Tuesday. I hope that I can do our weekend together justice as I unfold my learning and share it with the rest of the world.

I hope that I can transform the scariness of hosting challenging conversations into magic as the youth, adult allies, teachers and learners had done during the weekend of Art of Hosting.