Faces from our community: Shannon Moan

This is a second entry in a series to highlight the contributors within our network and highlight the gift exchanges that keeps this network alive and kicking!

Shannon has played an instrumental role in building the youth organizing Nest in the Algoma region. We'll never forget how courageously she stepped into the Core Team with her heart wide open at our 2013 end-of-year retreat. She also was a key host and designer of CollabCamp, where she hosted our Right Relations activity on Day 1 and the Open Space session on Day 2, as well as pouring energy into making sure the magic was captured in photos. Shannon has stepped out of the Core Team for new opportunities in 2015, and sent these words as a reflection of her time with us. Thank you!

YSI: What is the community work that drives you?

Creating and exploring deep-hearted and engaging community opportunities with/for children and youth with special needs through music, art and land-based exploration.
YSI: What gifts do you bring to the YSI community?

I guess, first and foremost, I bring with me my story.  I bring the many teachings, personal and professional, that life has abundantly offered and a belief in the importance of sharing this with others.  I bring with me my music and my artfulness, and I always do my best bring presence, creative-thinking and an open heart. 
YSI: What kind of opportunities or supports are you looking for from the YSI community, whether freelance contracts, skill share or otherwise?

What I deeply need and what YSI offers is this:
A steadfast community of support that offers an extraordinary collective wisdom…
A community of practice that cultivates deep learning (head & heart), personal growth (spirit) and relationship building with allies, mentors and peers…
An ongoing and welcome extension to not only learn new skills for hosting change, but to step into ‘real-time’ practice by deeply experiencing those methods and new ways of being in community together.