A Core Team dispatch from Jon

Jon here from Blind River. I want to tell you a bit about the YSI Core Team get-together, which was held online on January 19th. We welcomed in new members and set a direction for where the YSI is heading for 2015.

But first, you may be wondering: What is the Core Team? This is an open governance body for YSI that invites anyone in our extended community to step forward with their personal leadership. Our aim is to organize together to strengthen the "social infrastructure" that's needed in this moment for youth and community allies across the province. 

Here's what we discussed as our work in the next few weeks:

  1. The heroic efforts we receive (much of it volunteer) from everyone involved in CollabCamp was deeply appreciated as we continue to develop and support this provincial network. With only 1 Full-Time and 1 Part-Time staff holding the YSI’s spirit rock, we continue to work on a balance that benefits everyone involved. We took some time to brag about the recap and harvest that was recently posted on the CollabCamp section of our website.

  2. As we decide on the direction the YSI will take in 2015, our key challenge is to integrate and align the topics and projects that need to be shared and discussed, while continually remaining open to new members and contributions.

  3. We are actively looking at ways to branch out new local YSI networks or "nests", to continue seeding the important work that was advanced in Algoma. Interest continues to grow among YSI members new and old to extend this community and partnership to their own communities in Thunder Bay, Ottawa, Hamilton and Walpol Island. We view it as our responsibility to better understand together our deep and connected challenges while exploring how to partner towards meaningful conversations that create action.   

  4. Speaking of Algoma, we’re inspired by the local team's successful launch in 2014 and continued evolution beyond the life of our granting partnership. In fact, this very weekend they have organized an "Art of Collaboration" Leadership and Facilitation training, which welcomes deep and authentic conversations around local social issues.

Here's how you can get involved right now!

1) Join our Collaborative Core Team

We are forming a team to find out how we can stay connected and expand our youth organizing "nests" to new communities in our network. Join our core team mailing list to keep updated on how you can be involved.

2) Like our Facebook page for stories across Ontario

Like our page for ongoing updates that are completely not boring. For example, Rihkee from Toronto-via-Red Lake just took over as our page manager and as always has feisty things to say! 

3) Better yet, be the editor of our Facebook page 
A new member (like Rihkee) takes control of the Facebook page each week, posting 5 or so times with things going on in their network. Would you like to be next?

4) Partner with us on a Spirit Circle in your community
As we shared in late 2014, we recently received a grant from the Inspirit Foundation to host Youth Spirit Circles in four communities across Ontario. If you are interested in being a partner, please reach out to us!