Learning about Developmental Evaluation

As part of the our efforts to begin tracking the value and impact of the YSI Collaborative, 14 YSI Core Team members are practicing how to apply the emerging practice of developmental evaluation (DE) to our ongoing learning as a community.

With training and coaching from Marc Langlois of Academy 12, we have developed the following design challenge, which will guide our work for the year:

How can YSI best support youth organizers in Ontario within a community of practice that grow their capacity to make change? 

We are undertaking a number of what we're calling 'Spotlight Developmental Evaluations' - and forming learning teams to explore projects such as:

  • Building a YSI Nest in Algoma

  • Hosting a provincial Stakeholder Gathering that supports and builds capacity for youth organizing

  • Developing a shared resource platform in the Greater Toronto Area

Participating organizations include the Children's Peace Theatre (Toronto), SKETCH (Toronto), The New Mentality (Provincial), Youth Action Network (YAN - Provincial), Grassroots Youth Collective (GYC - Toronto), Young Diplomats (Toronto), Thinking Rock Community Arts (Sault Ste. Marie), and the Ontario Centre for Excellence in Child and Youth Mental Health (Provincial). 

Check out an interactive overview of our first Studio session in February put together by Chris Connolly: