The Art of Social Innovation

On May 7-9, 2014, eight members of the YSI collaborative took part in a three-day experiential personal leadership and professional development training for exploring the power of participatory leadership practices. Designed by a dynamic and experienced team of practitioners from across Canada, this session was a mash-up of two approaches to creativity and transformation: the Art of Hosting and design thinking

Jasmine Ali, one of our members, was generous enough to share the collective wisdom that emerged by penning a poem that captures her experience of the session. After checking out her words, be sure to take a look at the full resources and blog of the learnings. 

Gathering minds bodies spirits far and wide
Colliding on a journey of learning together
Where everyone is invited
Utilizing any entry point of the four-fold practice we see
Neurons exploding as theory comes to life
Life breathed into the souls of ideas stirring in conflict
Pulsating with a new beat.
A new way of doing things
That captures creativity, chaos; corresponding with the solid questions we learned to ask.
We start by asking ourselves
What is our heartbreak?
What breaks us to the point of being here?
Knowing we facilitators
Are not separate from our society.
Democracy found deep within us
Placing us individually at the centre of systems change
For it is the need for change that thrusts us into mobilizing
In and through the unknown.
So we diverge to
The ways in which ideas and solutions will emerge from sticky spaces
And converge us to places that we never thought we would go.
Then beauty happens
Harvesting baskets full of ideas
Full of solutions
Full of new ways
Full of committed people, re-committing to growth.
Collectively our baskets are full
Then naturally, our dragons start to dance with us.

For it is the need for change that thrusts us into mobilizing,
In and through the unknown.
— Jasmine Ali, YSI member